We recommend puppy grooming from when they are 12 weeks old and have completed their course of vaccinations. We offer single Puppy Pamper sessions, or a Puppy Package of five sessions to slowly introduce your puppy to the grooming experience.

Puppy Pamper

A single session of 1–1.5 hours where your puppy is bathed, dried and trimmed lightly around their eyes, bottom and feet. We also clean their ears and clip their nails. At the end of the pamper your puppy can play with other dogs and they go home with a FREE gift and treats.

Puppy College

This is a group of 5 sessions — designed for your puppy to attend weekly/bi-weekly. These sessions are a slow introduction to grooming for the younger and more nervous puppies.

Session 1 | 30-minute introduction and play session.
In this session we invite your puppy into our grooming parlour and through play (and treats) allow them to get used to the sights, sounds and smells of the grooming parlour. We will encourage your puppy to stand on the grooming table to have their nails trimmed, ears cleaned and any hairs trimmed away from their feet, bottom and face (if needed) and spritz with perfume before heading home with a FREE gift and treats.

Session 2 | 1 hour
If your puppy is confident enough we will bath and dry them in this session. Some puppies find the dryers quite scary. In this case we use toys and treats to allow them to become confident with the noise and sensation of the hair dryer.

Session 3 – 4 | 1.5 hours each
In this session we will begin to groom your puppy and give them a full bath, fluff dry and trim. We will also encourage them to offer their feet to have their nails clipped and help to get them confident to stand comfortably on the table.

Session 5 | 1.5 – 2 hours
Some puppies by 5 to 6 months require a bit more length off of their coats. By this session the puppy should be confident enough to allow us to complete a full groom, which includes a bath and fluff dry — and if needed, a re-style and re-shape of their coat — sanitary trim (feet, face and bottom), nail clip and ears cleaned, and of course a play session with their friends before going home. At the end of the Puppy Package we will provide you with FREE grooming tools that are correct for your dog’s coat and we will also show you how to maintain their coat between grooms.


  • Puppy Pamper

    Single Session


  • Puppy College

    5 sessions


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