Day Care

Barkley Grange is famous for its day care centre. Not only have we achieved one of the few five-star ratings, we were also the first day care in Cambridgeshire, and to this day set the standard in the county. With our indoor and outdoor facilities, our exclusive services, and the many activities we offer — we cater to all types of dogs!

Indoor Area

Our purpose built indoor play area enables us to create play groups to suit every dog — young and old, small and big.

Puppy Area

This safe area for puppies (6 months or younger) is full of age appropriate toys and fellow puppies to play and learn with. Bethany, our day care supervisor, is a natural with the puppies and they often go home with new tricks to show off!

Jake's Corner

Perfect for the smaller, quieter dogs. Jake’s corner has a Pet remedy diffuser that helps dogs to relax. After their farm walks and romps in the field, the sofa is often their favourite place!

Winston's Area

Big dogs — and the little ones who think they are big! — love to play and explore in this area. Christina is an expert with this group and has been working at our day care centre for over 5 years. She knows all the tricks of the trade to keep this bunch occupied and they can often be found waiting by the treat jar!

Lady's Lounge

Now this is the spot to be if you are of a certain age and enjoy the finer things in life! Perfect for the older, calmer dogs, this area has the comfiest sofas, classical music playing in the background and the occasional brush by supervisor Barbara!

Outdoor Area

Barkley Play Park

Our all-weather playground area has a state of the art rubber surface to minimise load on joints and allows for clean play, even in winter. This area is 250 square metres and has a Sensory Garden (a herb garden just for dogs) where they can use all their senses.

Activity Field

This field has all our agility equipment in it. It is suitable for all dogs and our experienced staff will help guide them over the assault course. Dogs can also use their noses to find treats, balls and toys that we have hidden in the Search Area. In the Water Play Park, dogs can cool off in the paddling pool or play with the sprinklers.

Fun Run Field

This is an open space with no equipment in it — great for playing fetch. Here dogs can run off some steam with friends or dig to their hearts’ content in the Sand Pit.

The Lake

Created specifically for the dogs, it is shaped like a bone and even has an island in the middle. It is a natural swimming pool, surrounded with trees and space for nature to flourish. The highlight of every water-loving dogs’ visit!


  • Collection/Take Home

    Price dependant on location

  • Full Day

    Daycare between 8am – 6pm


  • 2hr Trial Session

    2hr Trial Session for dogs with a pending daycare space


  • Field Hire

    Available 11am-1pm, 3pm to 6pm Monday to Friday

    15 p/h

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