Dog Training

Barkley Grange offer their bespoke service to all dog owners who wish to improve their dog's behaviour.

Would you like to be able to call your dog back from distractions, walk nicely on lead and ignore other dogs? We are offering a variety of dog training services to help you and your dog:

  • Stay & Train: training while your dog is at daycare
  • Walk & Train: training while your dog is taken out for a walk 
  • One-to-One: private training session at your house or at the centre 
  • Puppy Classes: 6-week training course
  • Puppy Consultation: private training session at your house to cover puppy basics, ideal for first-time puppy owners, puppies who haven’t been vaccinated yet or those waiting for puppy classes to start. 
  • Puppy Stay and Play: socialising your puppy with other dogs in a safe environment. 

Our experienced trainer can teach you how to use positive reinforcement training techniques in fun and relaxed sessions to better communicate with your dog! 


  • Stay & Train

    (4 minimum here at Barkley Grange)

    £30 per session

  • Walk & Train

    (4 minimum)

    £37.50 per session

  • One-to-One

    (2 minimum)

    £45 per session at BG, £50 per session at home

  • Puppy Classes

    £90 for 6-week course

  • Puppy Consultation

    £75 per session

  • Puppy Stay-and-Play

    £15 per session

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