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Welcome to Barkley Grange’ first blog! This will be your insider view of all things dog from day-care to training, product reviews and more!

So, what does a day in the life of a Barkley Grange dog look like?

Well being greeted by 30 plus dogs is not for the faint of heart, it takes an unhealthy obsession with dogs in all shapes and sizes! What I can guarantee is plenty of wet noses, slobbery kisses and exuberant tail wagging on your arrival. When your dog comes through those doors and doesn't look back at their loving parents…. Don’t get disheartened! These dogs know there’s a day of fun in store and times a wasting. Routine is key at Barkley Grange to keep everything running smoothly so firstly we address the call of nature then there’s a chance for a quick catch up with friends old and new before the day begins.

As we grab some leads and get ready to head off for our morning fun you find yourself surrounded by expectant faces awaiting their turn to receive their lead. With bums on the floor, leads are on then we’re off in an orderly fashion. They might be off on a walk on the farmland, to play the morning away in the field or make some waves in the lake. We’ve got something for all.

For some day-care is a civilised affair, a chance to catch up with your pack, have a mooch, enjoy the fresh air or the complimentary butt scratches on offer from the staff!

Others enjoy a faster pace of life opting for a good game of chase with any willing participants. For new dogs to the pack it’s like the first day of school, you’ve got to find your future bff to match your energy levels and play style. It helps that there's humans on hand to point them in the right direction!

With our lake back in action there are lots of options for those water loving dogs. Whether you’re a roller, a paddler a digger or just like to wallow, the pool is kept topped up!

Lunch is served and its back to the day-care for a chance to unwind, relax and grab a bite to eat before round 2.

Best friends can be found wherever you look, and they come in all shapes and sizes. I’m often surprised at the dog’s ability to bring others out of their shell. Watching them bond with their pack mates and learn from them is something utterly amazing.

At the end of the afternoon its back inside for a proper rest and to reflect on the day. You’ll notice everyone head for their favourite sofa, fluffy bed or nice cool spot on the floor. Wherever they choose to lay their head you can guarantee they will be dreaming of their day…. And what time they will be getting dinner!

For some of our new dogs those first days away from mum and dad can be hard, being in a new place with new smells, dogs and people it’s a lot to take in. The staff are always on hand to help however they can…. Ball game sure, treat puzzles we have got you covered. What works the best though is good tickles and fuss and before you know it mum and dad are back, and you can tell them all about your day at Barkley Grange!

Till next time..

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